Beginning iOS Storyboarding: Using Xcode

Beginning iOS Storyboarding: Using Xcode by Rory Lewis

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In editions of Rory' s previous book iPhone and iPad Apps for Absolute Beginners (Apress), there were only two ways to teach the reader how to make an iOS app user interface. The first was to write everything in code, and the other was to use Interface Builder to compose a Windows-based app. But things have changed with Storyboarding ... boy, have they!

Storyboarding first appeared with Xcode version 4.2. When we first saw the scenes that made up an app, we thought Storyboard was fantastic. It was wonderful how Storyboard allowed us to navigate a path through out app in a visual way. Almost immediately Rory found freshmen students corning into his office, knee-deep in trouble using Storyboards. Meanwhile Xcode experts were pooh-poohing Storyboards. This book helps the novice understand the power of Storyboards and can help even experts in Xcode to unleash it.

In this book you'll discover how Xcode's Interface Builder's support for Storyboarding in iOS 5 makes designing your iOS apps so much easier. Storyboarding lets you graphically arrange all your views within a single design canvas, where you can then define the app's logical flow and even assign transition animations. You'll be able to learn how to use Storyboards to quickly go from concept to a fully functional iOS application.

First, we go over the fundamental concepts of Storyboarding and the technology behind it. We then walk you through building seven complete projects that advance you through using various Storyboarding features, covering the most important aspects you need to know to successfully create your own apps from start to finish. By the end of this book, you'll eventually see how to use Storyboarding with almost every application template offered by Xcode and you'll learn which Storyboarding techniques are most suitable in certain scenarios.

Working with Storyboarding involves much more than simply dragging and dropping View Controllers onto a canvas. In this book we show how to start from scratch and build complete apps using Storyboarding. Along the way we demonstrate using common iOS technologies as Map Views, Page View Controllers, Split View Controllers, Core Data, Table Views, and more-and we tell you how they all fit together with the new Storyboarding feature.



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