DevOps for the Desperate

DevOps for the Desperate: A Hands-On Survival Guide by Bradley Smith

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Every day of their working lives, DevOps engineers immerse themselves in cloud-based trends and technologies. Meanwhile, everyone else in engineering is expected to be familiar with DevOps and keep pace with how it is evolving. The reason is simple: DevOps is an integral part of software development. However, you probably don’t have time to both do your day job and keep tabs on the ever-changing landscape of DevOps—and luckily, you don’t have to. Just gain an understanding of the foundational concepts, terms, and tactics of DevOps, and you’ll go far.

On the other hand, when it comes time to deliver code, you can’t just put your head in the sand and hope someone else will deal with it. Writing configuration files, enforcing observability, and setting up continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines have become the norm in software development. You therefore need to be well versed in code and infrastructure.

If you’re a software engineer, developer, or systems administrator, this book will teach you the concepts, commands, and techniques that will give you a solid foundation in DevOps, reliability, and modern application stacks. But be aware that this is an introduction to DevOps, not a definitive guide. I’ve chosen to keep the knowledge fire hose turned down low, and I’ll focus on the following foundational concepts:

- Infrastructure as code

- Configuration management

- Security

- Containerization and orchestration

- Delivery

- Monitoring and alerting

- Troubleshooting

Plenty of other great books will take you on a deep dive into the concepts and culture of DevOps. I encourage you to read them and learn more. But if you just want to get started with the basics, DevOps for the Desperate has you covered.



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