Information Systems Today. 9th Edition, Global Edition

Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World, 9th Edition, Global Edition by Joseph S. Valacich

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Information systems have become pervasive. Digital density is increasing with more connected devices providing ever greater amounts of connected data, enabling new interactions and business models. Mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing have transformed organizations and society. Organizations see the possibilities of the Internet of Things , in that not only computers but various sensors, motors, actuators, or even cameras can generate a wealth of potentially useful data. Businesses face unprecedented opportunities, but also challenges, through the ability to utilize Big Data . What does all this mean? What are the catalysts of these concepts and of all this change? More important, how can organizations thrive in today’s dynamic and highly competitive marketplace? The answer to these and many similar questions is that the increase in digital density is driving innovation, new business models, and hypercompetition. It is little wonder that teaching an introductory course on information systems has never been more crucial—or more challenging.

One of the greatest challenges that we face in teaching information systems courses is how to keep pace in the classroom with what is happening out in the real world. Being relevant to students while at the same time providing the necessary foundation for understanding the breadth, depth, and complexity of information systems has never been more difficult. We wrote Information Systems Today, Ninth Edition, with this overarching goal in mind, to be both rigorous and relevant. To accomplish this, we want students not only to learn about information systems but also to clearly understand the importance of information systems for individuals, organizations, and society. Additionally, we do not want to simply spoon-feed students with technical terms and the history of information systems. Instead, students must understand exactly what innovative organizations are doing with contemporary information systems and, more important, where things are heading; consequently, we focus on digital density as the high-level concept that gives rise to the new and emerging technologies and phenomena we are seeing. Finally, we want to empower students with the essential knowledge needed to be successful in the use and understanding of information systems in their careers.

To this end, we wrote Information Systems Today, Ninth Edition, so that it is contemporary, fun to read, and useful, focusing on what business students need to know about information systems to survive and thrive in the digital world.



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