Cassandra Data Modeling and Analysis

Cassandra Data Modeling and Analysis by C.Y. Kan

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If you are asked about the top five hot topics in today's IT world, Big Data will be one of them. In fact, Big Data is a broad buzzword that encompasses a lot of components, and NoSQL database is an indispensable component of it. Cassandra is one of the most popular NoSQL databases. Nowadays, it offers a vast number of technological advantages that enable you to break through the limits of a traditional relational database in a web-scale or cloud environment. However, designing a high-performance Cassandra data model is not an intuitive task, especially for those of you who have been so involved with relational data modeling for many years. It is too easy to adopt a suboptimal way to simply mimick a relational data model in Cassandra.

This book is about how to design a better model that leverages the superb scalability and flexibility that Cassandra provides. Cassandra data modeling will help you understand and learn the best practices to unleash the power of Cassandra to the greatest extent.

Starting with a quick introduction to Cassandra, we will guide you step-by-step from the fundamental data modeling approach, selecting data types, designing data model, and choosing suitable keys and indexes to a real-world application by applying these best practices.

Although the application is small and rudimentary, you will be involved in the full development life cycle. You will go through the design considerations of how to come up with a flexible and sustainable data model for a stock market technical-analysis application written in Python. Business changes continually and so does a data model. You will also learn the techniques of evolving a data model in order to address the new business requirements.

Running a web-scale Cassandra cluster requires many careful thoughts, such as evolving of the data model, performance tuning, and system monitoring, which are also supplemented at your fingertips.

The book is an invaluable tutorial for anyone who wants to adopt Cassandra in practical use.



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