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Business Innovation For Dummies by Alexander Hiam

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Innovation means so many things: new-product development, new brands, new ad campaigns, new Web sites, new production processes, new designs, new strategies, new solutions to persistent problems, and a great deal more.

Truth is, you need to innovate to succeed in your working life. The creative, forward-thinking people are the ones who make their mark and get ahead. It’s often risky to try new things or propose new approaches, but it’s even more risky to play it safe and close your mind to creative change. If you don’t take the lead as an innovator in your workplace and your field, you can be quite sure that somebody else will.

Businesses need to innovate too — and by businesses, I mean any organizations where people work, including startups, small businesses, big businesses, government offices and agencies, schools, hospitals, theaters, museums, temples, and churches.

My work has brought me into all these workplaces and many more. It’s so rewarding to help people create their own, better futures by teaching and facilitating the challenging process of innovation. It’s the most fun work I’ve ever done, except, I suppose, when I’m the innovator myself and am creating a new product, building a new business, or producing something innovative just for pleasure (such as a new art exhibit). Without innovation, work would be a dull, thankless routine. With it, there’s a reason to get up and rush to work each morning. Innovation gives us energy, and it gives energy to our workplaces as well, allowing them to grow and prosper instead of stagnate and fail.



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